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1 business purposes : customer first , to win credibility , quality, and service quality.

2 business philosophy:

a quality - the basis of the image ; . Technologies - Key take-off ; management - the eternal theme ; innovation - the source of development .

b. rely on staff management companies rely on technology to improve the quality , relying on quality to win the market , rely on innovation for development.

3 team spirit : I rely on business survival , companies rely on my development ; My corporate efforts, corporate profit for me .

4 Enterprise style:

a. pragmatic , efficient, civilized , hard work .

b. truth-seeking , pragmatic, hardworking and efficient.

5 Entrepreneurship:

a. loving plants , dedication , pioneering and enterprising .

b. dedication, diligence , hard work and innovation.

c. dedication, struggle , pioneering and innovative

6 professional ethics :

a. user is god , the service is a basic duty.

b. customer first, service first.

7 corporate image :

Business law, management science , practitioners of civilization , work style , quality service and excellent quality , skilled and innovative.

8 Quality policy : advanced technology, management science , engineering, product quality, integrity Connaught services in place.

9 Enterprise faith:

a. Venture Road today, take a good , good thing tomorrow development .

b. walk the road of entrepreneurship , development plans, spectrum glorious chapter.

10 Business strategy:

a. talent strategy, brand strategy, innovation strategy , market development strategy.

b implemented. talent, brand , innovation and market development strategy , consolidate and improve the level of construction and installation , development, and expansion of manufacturing capacity.

11 corporate values : never satisfied , striving for excellence , self-improvement and development.

12 enterprise environment : inside a harmonious relationship , the whole plant down together ; external relations smoothly in all directions to help me develop .

13 corporate philosophy : people-oriented management , service quality first , hard- working style is excellent , with high efficiency is better .

14 Action slogan : to survive in hard work , innovation and development .